Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My mommy claws came out...

"As a soft whimpering escaped through the baby monitor speaker, a soft sunlight awoke us as it beaded through the bedroom shades. In true morning breath fashion, I greeted my husband with a kiss, slipped on my slippers and went to retrieve a restless Lilia. With Mia sleeping soundly in her room, the three of us tiptoed down the stairs, reminiscing about the past evening. Friends, brownies and movies. What could be better?

Rounding the corner into the kitchen we stopped. Horrified. The door to the garage, normally locked, was standing agape with the actual garage door wide open exposing all our unwanted garbage and extra needed things.

Fear set in. And as Casey quickened pace throughout the house, I began searching for items that may have made their way out the door. I started up stairs. Our room...clear. Lilia's room...clear. I opened Mia's door, and there in her bed lay an empty blanket. No lump in the sheets. No little blond head poking out from under the covers. Completely empty.

My stomach hit my throat, and as I opened my mouth to scream, nothing escaped! I ran down the stairs. Dizzy. Faint. Blinded by the tears.

I collided with Casey's chest and as my body collapsed to the floor, I squeaked 'They. took. her. My baby! She's gone!'

The room was spinning as Casey ran up the stairs screaming Mia's name. Seconds turned into minutes. Minutes into eternity until a cell phone ring broke the silence. Casey answered with a hasty hello only to be greeted by a frightened 'Daddy? Daddy!?'

Click. Dial Tone..."

Awaking with crusty tears down my cheeks and sweat beaded on my forehead, I panicked, and began planning how I could always keep the girls right next to me. Breathe. Breathe...

My heartbeat made its way back to a resting state and then I checked on my darling girls, sound asleep in what I still consider a safe haven, and as I made my way back to bed, I began to try and convince the paranoia away.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

The artist in my house

As I entered the house from the garage, my husband greeted me with an over sized bundle of Mia's bedding carefully balanced in his arms. The look on his face said it all, though he quickly began to tell me that Mia's poop was all over the room and that I needed to help him.

Shocked, and quite amused that my husband had found himself in this situation, I climbed the stairs. The sound of splashing caught my ears as Mia had hastily been placed in the tub as the only sane option of cleaning her up. I looked around her bedroom amazed at the artwork that carefully decorated all the pretty parts of her room and as Casey began the story, I grabbed the cleaning elements hoping to erase the traces of creative license littering the carpeted floor, bookcases, chair and door frames.

Carefully articulated, Casey began:
"I was downstairs feeding Lilia when I heard Mia start crying. 'Great,' I thought, 'She had an accident.' I put Lilia down and headed upstairs. As I opened the door, there was Mia, tears streaming down her face, with a whole pile clutched in her hand. I panicked and as I looked around the room I thought 'What in the world was she trying to do?'"

I chuckled to myself, not wanting encourage such behavior, but honestly seeing the humor in the whole situation! I knew once it was all cleaned up, Casey would see the humor too, but in the moment he was definitely irritated (another humor point for me.)

Ahh, yes...potty training a two year old! Never a dull moment!

Monday, March 22, 2010

my Lilia

isn't she lovely

inside and out?

a sweet, gentle spirit

flows through those eyes

longing for arms.

embrace. touch.

content to relax

slightly behind the scenes

eager to smile

at any kind word thats brought.

she coos and she grins

come play, she beckons.

simply offer a warm embrace

and her world will be complete

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Extreme potty training

After a handful of tries only resulting in Mia being too lazy to continue, we are finally not messing around. Diapers have been thrown out, princess treats are strategically placed for easy access, and the many pairs of panties are stocked in her cute white dresser drawers.  We recently came to the conclusion that if we didn't do something extreme this process would be dragged out for a long time. 

For weeks, Mia has been:

1. giving us a play by play about all that was happening below the diaper

2. waking up dry from bedtime and naps

3. taking of her own diaper, handing it to one of us and asking to be changed.

The girl is ready (whether she wants to  be or not)!!

So, we cut her off...from diapers, that is, and everything else padded (pull ups and such)...and dropped her straight into big girl world.  It's definitley not for the faint of heart or those who refuse to clean up potty all over the floor, but she is doing it and doing it with excellence!

Go Mia!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

So now you are 2...

My beautiful Mia,

Staring into your chubby little face on March 4, 2008, my heart flip-flopped with amazement that the Lord has blessed me with you for a short time in your life. Your helpless body and beautiful eyes captured my heart as my mind eagerly filled with all the "what" questions I could think of.

What color will her hair be?
What kind of personality has the Lord created within you?
What will you choose to eat above anything else?
What will you think of your mommy?
What will be your first word?

And the questions went on and on as my heart fell more and more in love with you.

Today you turn two and I wonder, in amazement, where the time has gone. Already you are changing before my eyes as you throw a football with your daddy dressed up in all your pretty things. You are coloring with intent, helping "clean" around the house, and mimicking my every move. You carry your pink purse with such elegance while talking on your phone to all that are dear to you. No one goes unnoticed in your world, as your love for all is packed into the most precious of hugs ready to give to anyone who will receive.

You light up our lives Mia Bella and I love you so much. I hope this birthday is as special as you are expecting, and I pray that we have many more.

Love, Mommy