Monday, December 29, 2008

Our Family Christmas

With it being Mia's first Christmas, excitement boomed in our house as we anticipated the fun that was going to happen around the holiday happenings. I was so excited to dress Mia up for Christmas eve service; my mom made Mia a beautiful black velvet jumper and white eyelet blouse. I bought her some sparkly red shoes, and her "aunt" Amanda bought her a cute crocheted headband with a big red and black flower. She was the Belle of the Ball!

After Christmas Eve service, we headed over to mommy's parents' house (Grandpa and Grandma Samuel) to have hors d' oeuvres, Christmas cookies, and open gifts. Mia's little finger was getting quite a workout as she was pointing at all the sparkly, pretty gifts under the tree, the lit candles and beautiful Christmas lights. She could hardly stand herself as she slowly inched towards the presents just waiting for that exact moment when she could finally unveil their secrets!
Mia got tons of presents! She got some Curious George books, some PJ's, a brand new car seat (wahoo!), a handmade teddy bear from Grandma, her first Christmas ornament, and a rocking horse made by Grandpa with a cute gold ribbon around it's neck!

Mia had no qualms about helping mommy and daddy open their presents too! We probably could have given her a bag of tissue paper for Christmas and it would have made her day!

After a morning of opening presents, just our family, and having our friends, the Millard over for lunch, we headed over to Casey's parents' (Grandpa and Grandmama Gerster) house to open gifts. It was so much fun to spend some time with them and allow them the experience of Mia's first Christmas as well. Mia got many fun things from them. She just loves "Lilly" and the many songs she sings. She is also walking really well with the stroller she got for Lilly! So much fun!
We also spent time with Great Grandpa and Grandma Gerster and Great Grandpa and Grandma Price. Mia wowed everyone with her excited spirit and joy she brings into every room. She was giggling and screaming....thoroughly enjoying every moment of every party!

I was a beautiful holiday! I'm already excited for Christmas 2009!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Drumrole Pa-LEASE.....

Tears formed in my eyes last night as I suddenly saw the bright, neon sign that flashed over my daughters head….DADDY’S GIRL *blink blink* DADDY’S GIRL *blink blink*. As I attempted to rock Mia to sleep, the velvet curtains of life opened wide; the orchestra began to play, and the number one act came out on stage…My Husband.

As the evening grew dark, we sat, for hours…ALERT…giggling, laughing and begging for daddy to continue on. His act was nothing special. For most moments he just sat, trying to be discreet, but capturing Mia’s attention none the less. When daddy would pay attention, Mia giggled and giggled, only enabling the show to continue on. “BRAVO! BRAVO!” she would shout, forcing an eternal encore. She even shared some of her acts with her super star. “I’ll show you my peek-a-boo” she would say, seeking a never disappointing approval from her hero.

The night was full of class-acts. Daddy was the star of the show, capturing our daughter’s full attention, and causing her to not want to miss a moment of the happenings. Eventually, we ran out of time. The audience was leaving, and the stage hands were tired; it was time to take the final bow. So, as daddy performed his final act, he snuggled Mia into his arms and carried her off into “La-La Land;” a place where, evidently, Daddy is the only acceptable form of transportation these days.

Monday, December 15, 2008

One of the a long time

This weekend was one of the best weekends I have had in a long time. I title it My Birthday Weekend…not to be confused with My Birthday Week, which follows the actual birth day.

Thursday night was a beautiful evening. Mia stayed with Grandpa and Grandma while Casey and I went to a Christmas banquet at the Antlers Hilton. We got all dressed up for our “night on the town.” It was so much fun being out and about, and a nice treat not having the pink diaper bag and baby stroller in tow.

Friday we spent the day just the two of us. We slept in, and then lounged around making a delicious egg casserole for breakfast and not actually getting ready for the day until about noon. After lunch at a “hole in the wall” Chinese restaurant, we did a little window shopping at the mall and then headed off to watch…duh-duh-duuuuh

"The Day the Earth Stood Still"

The movie was, um, ok. Not my favorite of all time, but it was fun to be out at the theaters! I took advantage of a little snuggling and the feeling like I was on a real date!

After the movie, we headed to my parents house for a birthday celebration! And…SURPRISE!!!! My brother, Nate, surprised me a with a weekend visit for my birthday! I was so ecstatic! I haven’t seen him in so long, and am not going to be able to see him until after Christmas.

Saturday, Casey took me up to the Cheesecake Factory, in Denver, for dinner – which actually turned into just dessert since the wait for dinner was almost 2 hours. I do love being in the city. We had Mia bundled up in the stroller and we walked around downtown, enjoying the city feel and all the Christmas lights. Mia’s little finger was going crazy as she pointed to all the fun and interesting things catching her attention. It was so adorable, especially as her cute little cheeks began to show a red, frosty tint. She, of course, fell asleep in the middle of dinner, so we wrapped her up in a coat and allowed her to sleep in the booth. Seriously, life is so much better when you are all together!

Sunday…equals…MY BIRTHDAY! I absolutely love my birthday! I woke up and there was a beautiful blanket of snow covering Colorado Springs. With flurries in the air, I knew it was going to be a perfect day. We went to church where the pastor spoke on a wonderful subject. It just touched both Casey and I in our current situation. Then we headed off to the mall (again…seriously. I got my husband there twice in one weekend!) for some birthday shopping and casual dining! It was so fun. Mia and I headed off to spend birthday money, as Casey went to by me some birthday presents. It was so lovely. After an afternoon of present opening and long winter naps, we closed the evening with one of the best movies made this year…

"P.S. I Love You"… seriously, everyone should watch this movie. I absolutely love it!
It was a wonderful weekend, full of anything “birthday” I could think of…LOVELY!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It's Christmas Season...Finally!

Transiberian Orchestra - Christmas Style

Merry Christmas Season!

Monday, December 1, 2008

"THE" Picture

Here it is. The one, AND ONLY, 2008 Christmas Card Picture: