Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My top ten

With Thanksgiving tomorrow, and Internet access limited today, I am feverishly jotting down my Thanksgivings. At first I thought, don't do anything corny like a top ten or anything. But. Really? Is the tradition of listing out that which one is thankful for really all that corny? I don't want to commit a major blog faux pas, but I embrace the importance of truly remembering all those things that I take for granted and should always remember to be thankful for.

Without further ado, my top ten thanksgivings:

  1. My Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, who bears my horrible sins upon His own shoulders in order to rescue me from an eternity of despair and utter damnation
  2. My husband who loves me through all my flaws, idiosyncrasies, and stretch marks
  3. My beautiful daughter who lights up my face and my heart at the mere mention of her name
  4. A family who loves me through thick and thin, and who decided that normal just wasn't going to be them
  5. Friends that are there to the very end...even when the distance seems cavernous
  6. A job that helps provide for our family financially and bring me a little bit of joy throughout the day
  7. A house, two vehicles, lots of "stuff" and all the other little comforts that put me in the world-wide minority rather than majority
  8. A country that allows me to practice my beliefs and live my own life without fear of losing it
  9. Belonging to a church that believes in preaching the truth, protecting orphans and widows, and being involved in the community we live in
  10. The gifts and abilities that the Lord has blessed me with for a certain purpose, revealed at only those perfect moments

Happy Thanksgiving to all! Try looking at things optimistically this weekend. You truly do have it better than you probably remember.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

"Good mom book"

Over my few months of parenting, there are many things I have learned that not only spur my daughter on to greatness, but allow her the ability to be herself and explore all the ways this can be achieved. Through wise council, a library of full of those who have paved the road before me, and pure mother instinct, I pass on these few tidbits to you.

Good nutrition. I have all the basics to cover the "color wheel" of nutrition. I'm teaching her to not be a picky eater and to enjoy the meal times we have together. She loves the dinner table, talking to Jesus (unless she's a Hungry Hippo), and entertaining us with the many different sounds that truly mean "more please." She's a good, healthy one will ever accuse her of eating like a bird!
Appropriate dress. Yes. I'm already teaching the importance of accessorizing. I tell her that, of course you don't need those cute, size 2 shoes, but they sure make the outfit! Alongside this important concept, I am teaching her the importance of bundling up and above all, how to be modest and not over-expose to those young little boys.

Self-esteem. We always laugh at each other. We laugh at daddy. We laugh at mommy. And we laugh at Mia. Mia will always know that her personality is exactly perfect the way she is. Not only that, there is concern in our eyes when we sense something wrong. And there is excitement on our face when something is positive and good natured. Mia will be raised in an environment where expressing your feelings and concerns are never looked down upon or brushed aside.

Physical Fitness. We have a strict policy with Mia to always put the time into her overall fitness level. With a mandatory amount of arm curls, we control the amount of flab hanging off Mia's cute little arm.


Monday, November 10, 2008

Over Night

Was there something in the formula I gave her? Maybe it was all that spinach she just gobbles up? Over night, our adorable little Mia has grown up. She almost looks like a little toddler instead of that once wee little baby. I don't know if I'm good at this growing up thing...I think mommy needs a little more time!

But, she sure is adorable!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Monday, November 3, 2008

Political Plug

I'm not one to throw politics in ones face. I'm passionate about our country in my own little way, but expect everyone else to be adult enough to come up with their own decision and views about our country's future just as I have. It's a freedom that I take very seriously.

I heard someone say once that "it isn't our duty to choose our future leaders. It is our duty to be faithful to the Lord and His truths, voting solely on what we believe His truths and passions are for His people." What a sobering, yet freeing, thought to know that this decision isn't mine. The future of our country rests in our Lord's hands no matter what direction it goes in. Our future leader is already ordained for our nation; the Lord already knows where we are going.

So, why do we vote? First, the beauty of living in a country as we do, is that we have the freedom to speak up and give our opinions. We have a say in how our country is operating, with the freedom to present concerns and bring about changes. Because we are a unique country in this way, we must take advantage of the freedoms we are allowed, knowing that there are many across this world who are not as privileged as we are. Second, it is our chance to be faithful to the Lord and the ways He is leading us to govern our own lives.

  • Life is sacred to our Lord - stand up and protect those who can not protect themselves! Choose a leader who will fight alongside you in this effort.

  • Marriage is a perfect institution designed by our Lord - fight for your family and the holy commitment called marriage

  • America is full of freedoms allowing one to be their own person and make decisions pertaining to their individual family. Choose someone who will allow you to make these decision and not allow the government to creep into every area of your life and decisions.

So, Vote! Stand up for this country...but most of all, be faithful to the Lord and stand up for His causes.