Tuesday, November 20, 2007

November's Highlight

Well, Thursday is Thanksgiving, and I'm getting so big I think I may be cooked up as the turkey this year. :) We had our monthly doctor's appointment on the 13th, where we were able to hear the heartbeat again, and hear the sound of Mia moving around. The heartbeat is getting so loud...it's really fun! We didn't get any pictures this time, but are scheduled for our 3D Ultrasound on December 11th. We are excited to see our baby girl, once again.

As I said previously, she is starting to move around quite a bit. I even think I'm starting to be able to distinguish between what type of movement she is making. Today I was sure I felt her roll, which was by far the weirdest feeling!

Other than that, Casey and I are just moving along. We did get our registries mostly finished (Target, BabiesRUs, and JCPenny) which felt like a huge weight off of my shoulders. Please keep us in your prayers as we use these next few months to enjoy each other and fully prepare for our little bundle of joy.