Monday, April 27, 2009

Blogging Habits and photo time

Okay. I admit. My blogging habits have been worse than horrible the past few months. If I had to make an excuse, I would use the fact that we have not only looked and offered, but purchased and moved into a new home; I have been unbelievably busy at work and my efforts in that arena (more to come later..seriously...I promise); I am now knee deep in the life of a budding toddler - need I say more; and, back to my house, I am desperately trying to spend every waking moment make my new pad an actual home! Even with all of these excuse, I realize that my anticipating public desires updates on my life, so I promise to attempt a more consistent writing schedule to give you a peek into our little life.

One of the many fun things that has happened is that Mia turned one in March and we had a fabulous party for her. So many friends and family arrived to celebrate her big day. We also took her 12 month pictures. We found a fabulous photographer named Cristy owner of Photography by Cristy who did the most amazing job. Her style is so fresh and unique as she captures the beauty in every movement. One thing I love is though Mia was fussy and not terribly excited about the shutter in her face, the pictures do not reflect her less that normal personality for the day. I highly recommend this will not be disappointed. Enjoy the pictures and contact Cristy for all of your photography needs!

This is the dress that my mom and I both wore during our 12 month photos too