Sunday, February 8, 2009

Cousin Adventures

This weekend, Papa and Grandmama were watching Mia's cousin, AlliKaye, for the weekend as her parents enjoyed a little getaway. So, with Mia's persistent begging, we headed over there for some playtime.

They were so excited to see each other. While Mia flapped her arms in obvious excitement, AlliKaye continuously said "Where's Mia Bella?" and "Hi Mia Bella" and "Let's show Mia Bella." It was a fun time together. AlliKaye showed Mia all of her books and her big girl bed...they even tried to take a nap together with unsuccessful results.
After sharing a bag full of gold fishy crackers, Grandmama and I took the girls to the park. Eager to show Mia the rules of the playground, AlliKay ran all around showing Mia the slide, the appropriate stares, and even how to giggle with glee! Mia, feeling as though she was ready to tackle this new adventure, pointed excitedly at the playground; It was time to move in!

Mia loved climbing the stairs and going down the slide. Her face was priceless! She giggled and giggled, so full of joy to be part of the big kid crowd.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Just another day

My babysitter (AKA Grandma) has been sick the last few days, so Mia has spent two glorious days at home. Yesterday, she had an adventure filled day just with daddy. They did Daddy things like go and get new tires, and update the car registration, and eat lots of little snacks! It was fun.

Today, I had the privilege of staying at home with her.

It wasn't a day labeled special by the normal crowd, but to me it was one of the better days in a long time. The alarm clock didn't ring at 5:30, I didn't leave the house wondering if I should turn the porch light on as I "watch my step," and I didn't hurry into a frenzy of "to-do" lists and multiplied requests. Instead, I rolled over and gently woke my husband up as his alarm rang, I did a few extra amazing stretches before I climbed out of bed, and then I greeted my daughter's smiling face as she peered over the crib with arms outstretched for a good morning hug.

Since it wasn't a normal scheduled day off, I had a few things I needed to work on here at home, but they were all strategically placed between a morning filled with feeding Mia breakfast, playing "catch me if you can" across the floor, and a few sporadic snuggling sessions.

I did meander into the office for a few hours, in order to not miss a scheduled meeting and catch up a new co-worker on some new things to the job description. But, Mia tagged along, charming anyone in her path. Who would have thought that work can be so much more delightful with an 11 month old on your heels?

The afternoon had a perfect schedule planned. First nap and the rest was filled with graham crackers and orange juice. Now we play and wait anxiously for daddy to join us. A perfect ending to a perfect day.

Thank you, Grandma, for giving me such a beautiful day with my "growing up too fast" precious little girl!

I love you Mia Bella!