Wednesday, August 27, 2008

She speaks

At first, we were unaware of the magical step Miss Mia just took. She lay on the floor, staring as mommy took each bite of her delicious food. It started with a few whimpers and waving her hand up in the air, fingers moving back and forth. Then more fuss came out of that cute little mouth with both hands in the air, fingers moving. Then it was all out screams, hands moving furiously.

*Light bulb*

Mia was signing to mommy! Not only was she signing, but she was SCREAMING with her hands by the time I actually realized what was going on. It is actually quite comical to watch her throw a temper-tantrum with her hands. (Though, naughty-ness should never be rewarded)

"Milk! Mommy...I want Milk!"

I am so proud of her! I thought it would take much more time for her to catch on to her Baby Einstein videos. But she knows what she wants!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Dear lover ~

Words can't explain how much my heart overflows with love for you. You have spoiled me rotten in your words of endearment, loving gestures, and acts of service pointed in my direction. Last night, in my exhaustion, I looked around the house and all I could see was chaos...and yet, I needed to go to bed.

After tucking me into bed, with the sweetest of kisses, you went downstairs to perform your magic.

Un-loading the dishwasher
Loading the dishwasher
Tidying the rooms
Organizing Mia's toys

You are my hero! I definitely don't deserve you and I am a better woman because you chose to walk through life with me. Thank you for asking me to be your wife. It's been the best time of my life.


Your Princess

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

He deserves a Klondike Bar

The Scene: Baby Mia is crying out of pain and desperate need for attention (red lights on the baby monitor all flashing at once). She has already been put to bed once, isn't hungry, and there is no way to console her besides rocking her tenderly. Laundry is piled on the bed (center stage) with an ironing board positioned just in front of the bed. Pillows and other bed accessories are characteristically thrown all over stage right. The TV is blaring the latest Olympic victory. Rocking recliner chair facing the TV, positioned front stage left.

Casey: (rocking back and forth in the chair) "Mia's waking up again. Poor girl."
Erin: (ironing intently) "I know. Will you go get her? I'll go get her bottle and see if she's hungry."

*exit stage*

*Casey enters stage left, carrying baby Mia, sits in the rocking chair trying to keep and already alert baby calmed down*
*Erin enters stage left, carrying a 6 ounce bottle of formula and burp cloth*

Casey: "Here you go mommy. (stands up to relinquish the rocker, and hand Mia over to mommy)"
Erin: (to Mia) "Hi sweetheart. Why are you awake again? Are you hungry?" (look over at laundry pile, back toward the clock, back at the laundry pile and sigh)

*rock, rock, rock*
*Casey picks up iron and starts ironing the clothes pile*

Erin: "What are you doing!?"
Casey: "Ironing."
Erin: "Thanks, my love! I don't even believe it."
Casey: "I do it because I love you. Oh, by the way, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity, so enjoy!"
Erin: "Stay there. I'm going to get the camera."
Casey: "Why?"
Erin: "Um, so I can brag on my blog."
Casey: "No way. They don't want to see my ugly face."
Erin: "Whatever! Please? Please? Please?"
Casey: "No way. You can just write about it. Tell them I wouldn't allow you to use the camera!"

End Scene

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

To cut or not to cut...

Well. It's done. My new "do." And I ABSOLUTELY love it! I actually feel like it is the best haircut in a long time. I was getting my haircut at Toni & Guy, and they do a great job, however, I wasn't totally satisfied with the look I was getting. It didn't quite match the grand picture in my head. So, I tried someone new...actually she is a friend of mine who works at a small salon, in Palmer Lake, called HairPlay!

Anyway, I tried to go close to option #4, since that was the most favored. However, in order to not totally shock my husband with the drastic length difference, I kept it a little longer. The cut still has the wonderful appeal of a short "do."

*drum role pa-lease.....*

Monday, August 11, 2008

I "ZOO" like the monkeys

Casey received a free trip to the Zoo this weekend, so we all trekked up Cheyenne mountain to experience the wonderful Zoo together. This was Mia's first time, and though she was a little unsure of what was going on, she really took in the sights, colors, smells, and overall experience. It was a blast. Here is our adventure:

The clock struck 5:30 PM as Mommy and Mia anxiously awaited Daddy's arrival so that we could head on out. Dressed in our most cute, yet casual clothes, we sat. Tick Tick Tick...."There he is!"

"Act nonchalant, Mia."
"Hey Honey! How was your work out? Ready to go? HUH? HUH? HUH?"

Sweatshirts? Check
Diaper Bag? Check
Tennis Shoes? Check
Purse and money? Check
Baby? HA! Check
Yup! We were ready - so we headed out. It had been raining off and on all day, so as we drove down the Interstate, with the windshield wipers going, we prayed for a clearing to so we could enjoy the night. Praise the Lord, it stopped! A slight drizzle in the beginning, but then a lovely, calm evening.

Mia was so excited for our little adventure. As Daddy pushed her in the stroller she gazed at the beautiful trees and bright colors that strolled on past.

First we went to the Monkey house, where it must have been everyone's bed time. They were all hiding in the various corners uninterested in the cute little baby we were holding up (yes, we were trying to bribe the animals closer with a cute little girl.) We were sure to point them out to Mia. She was really wide eyed when she could see the cute little creatures.

The bears were quite entertaining as they swam around in their little area, and roamed back in forth. Mia's eyes were glued on their every move. And the lions...oh the Lions! They lay there like they were the king of the jungle. We even heard some of them roar which made little Mia's head look around in curiosity.

Then came the spotted leopord. I apologize for the blurry picture, but it kept pacing back and forth. Mommy held Mia up to look at the pretty leopord. It stopped. Looked in our direction. And sniffed the air as if to say "yum. Baby!" Daddy, being the protective man that he is, stepped over and growled in the direction of the leopord.

"GRRRRRRR" the leopord leaped at Daddy, all four paws off of the ground, straight for the fence! The fence rattled, and mommy and daddy jumped back in shock! It was crazy. Daddy stared at the leopord, it lowered his head, and collapsed on the ground in total submission. It was so crazy!

"Well, that was fun!"

Then...we found the petting zoo! How fun. There were two little goats walking around, and Mia was able to get face to face with them. It was so cute how intense she was at looking at them.

About this time, Mia started to fade -- FAST. It was getting dark, and it seemed she had no interest to see anything else. However, for Mommy and Daddy, the night had just begun. So, as Mia dozed off, Mommy and Daddy walked around through the "African experience" to visit the giraffes and other interesting animals.

Then we stopped by this little platform that was surrounded by a monkey habitat. There was a little gate that walked out closer to the monkeys that was, of course, locked. It looked like an area that was used for little demonstrations or feedings. Being the good citizens that we are, we thought, you could totally jump that fence! I mean, wouldn't it be fun to shake the little monkeys hand. So, that's what Daddy did. With a quick glance around and a swift hop over the gate, he was in monkey land! He went over to this monkey that was a little nervous at first, but Daddy put out his hand and the monkey high-fived him! It was hilarious. So, daddy inched closer. Closer. Closer. Then...WHAM! The monkey totally socked daddy in the eye with its fist! Daddy's eye was all red, but it was totally worth it. Not many people can say they got punched in the eye by a monkey!

At around 9:00 PM, the zoo was closing its doors. Rather than spend the night cuddle with the bears, we decided to head back home. Mia was ready for her own bed, and Mommy and Daddy had enough fun stories for one evening.

It was a fun trip! We already talked about next summer and how fun it will be to take Mia back when she can walk around and point in excitement at all the fun animals. We can't wait to go again!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Fun with Grandpa...

This weekend, Mia got to spend the night with Grandma and Grandpa so mommy and daddy could have a date night. True to typical grandparent form, pictures were flowing. Thanks to the Mac, Mia could stare at herself and enjoy taking her pictures. Here is some of the fun she had with Grandpa!

P.S. Mia is wearing her favorite outfit - nothing but a diaper! Oh the good o'l days!