Monday, September 21, 2009

Potty Training

**Censored: Non-parents of an 18 month old may find this blog inappropriate or crude as small amounts of toilet "humor" have been noted**

I've never been one to think that there was a right age for anything, especially when they are younger and learning the world around them. So, when our 17 month old starts talking about going "poop" we jumped on the opportunity of making a big deal of using the potty. Sitting on the potty immediately became the thing to do. When mommy had to go potty, it seemed to be the main attraction, thus encouraging Mia to start thinking and understanding when she would need to go potty.

My now 18 month old just went poop in the toilette for the first time this weekend! We were so proud of her, and by our reaction to this momentous occasion, one would have thought she had just won a million dollars. But our reaction only spurred on many more "potty" breaks that never really left any surprise floating below, but rather encouraged the whole routine:
  • Sit her precious bottom on her "cushy tushy" potty seat
  • wipe with big girl toilette paper
  • flush the potty with mommy
  • wave good bye to the water
  • close the toilette seat
  • wash hands in the big girl sink
  • get showered with kisses and hugs for a job well done

What a fun stage to be going through! And so much fun to not have to clean up a bottom from that nasty mess!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Today's mood: pregnant

Sometimes, I just don't know how to explain "how I'm feeling" except "PREGNANT." Anyone who has been in this state understands exactly how I feel and how difficult it can be to answer that question. Though "good" and "blah" can escape the lips quite frequently, more often than not I prefer just stating the obvious.

At 22 weeks pregnant, with and 18 month (wow! is she that old already), vibrant and energetic daughter, and a full time - outside the home - job, my life is anything but dull at this moment. Mia is the highlight of so many smiles and much laughter in our home as we help her explore her world and all that interests her. Books, balls and teddy bears are among the top interests as well as mommy and daddy's shoes and pretending she is going "bu-bye." A frequent giver of hugs and the overuse of "momma? dadda?" make our hearts melt at every turn, as we try to soak up each and every moment.

Lilia is doing far as I can tell. Pushing out my belly has become an act of Houdini as I wake up different than the night before. But the joy of "watching" her grow makes the butterflies increase as I anticipate her due date. She has become more and more active, yet considerably more subtle than what I remember of Mia, almost as if just to remind me that she is here and then she continues on is sweet slumber. We are excited to see her sweet face and kiss her little cheeks, including Mia, who is eager to hug and kiss "her baby" any chance she gets.

Please continue to pray for us as the Lord guides us through life and the doors He has for us. Though nothing drastic, we understand that He always has a plan and stagnant isn't one of them. We pray for wisdom and guidance as we continue through life, raising our beautiful girls and enjoying every aspect of our family.