Monday, April 5, 2010

He is risen!!

A three day weekend always opens the flood gates of excitement to a full time, outside of the home, working mother. The reason for the extra time is even more exhilarating as the visions of new traditions and opportunities to explain truth to my children dance through my head.

Friday morning brought new adventures as Casey woke up and instructed us to get ready and get in the car. We were on our way, with only Casey knowing the path, excited and full of anticipation for what the day held.

A leisurely drive through the mountain pass, brought lunch in CaƱon City, a drive into a snow buried St. Elmo and property searching in Salida. A lovely time in the car telling stories, dreaming and enjoying each other's company. Mia w as impressed with the amount of water the seamed to copy-cat the road we drove on and was constantly on the lookout for any four legged creature: horses, big horn sheep, cows, etc. Eventually our precious daughter needed a potty break. Pulling into a quaint dude ranch, we said hello to the horses and then pulled up to the office to give Mia her well-deserved break. As I eagerly freed the girls from their back seat cages, the trunk popped open revealing all of Casey's secrets.


Casey had planned a night away in a quaint little cabin, hidden away by Mt. Princeton, and isolated from normal day life. With a roaring fire in the life size fireplace, we snuggled in for a relaxing evening.

It was a perfect getaway for our lovely family! Thank you, handsome husband!

Thursday, April 1, 2010


My world...this life the Lord has given me...constantly astounds me. Wouldn't you want to pinch yourself if you looked at these beautiful faces on a daily basis?