Friday, June 7, 2013

Kids say the darndest...

Living in the house with two outgoing girls, ages 5 and 3, one is never short on conversation and hilarious moments. More often than not, both of those are combined into one. Here is a sampling of our week.

(1) *relaying the dinner they had at Famous Dave's with Grand mama and Papa

Me: that was so fun that you went to Famous Dave's

Mia: yup! Its all about the pig!

Me:'re silly

Mia: oh and the strangest thing. Famous Dave's only serves chocolate milk.

Me: oh really...

Mia: yup. Grandmama said they don't have white milk or water so we had to have chocolate milk. It was just interesting.

me: lol

(2) *during a nice dinner*

Lilia: mom, why are your bawndles (aka breasts) so big?

Me: well, that's how Jesus made me.

Mia: well ours are so small. When will they get big?

Me: maybe when you get 12 or 13 they will start growing

Lilia: *wrinkling her nose and scrunching her face* maybe when I turn 30 they'll be really big!

Me: lol...yes, dear...maybe

(3) *who knows when*

Mia: how old are you?

Me: I am 29 years old...super old!


me: lol

(4) *on our way to Ashley's*

Lilia: mom!? *hands on her hips*

Me: yes, sweetie

Lilia: I will not break things today. I promise. Ashley will just love me.

Me: oh thank you sweets! Lol

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