Tuesday, May 28, 2013

When I turn 4...

Look at this sweet angel...

heehee...and this precious picture...

She is full of personality; funny, spunky, energetic, sweet spirited and a heart of gold. She is also extremely ornery and some would label her as "a handful." She is beautifully strong willed in a way that the Lord will use for GREAT things one day; until then, we help her learn to harness it. :)

Anyway, Lilia's favorite thing to say is "well, when I'm four..." (fill in the blank.)  Example: she was dying to sit in the back of the van with Mia. Our deal was that she could sit in the back when she could entirely buckle herself. Instead of this pushing her to try, she cocked her head, shrugged her shoulders and sighed "well, when I'm four I can buckle myself." Please keep in mind that she doesn't turn four until December.

Her lack of determination in anything we want her to do just cracks me up - in a separate room, by myself, where she doesn't know it is funny of course. Lilia is constantly drawing on walls or floors, breaking things on purpose (I'm not speaking about the many different accidents that happen), or downright disobeying just to test the boundaries. If you tell her to "clean up your toys or I will get rid of them" she will throw them in the trash for you. If you tell her to eat her dinner or she gets it for breakfast, she will put it in the fridge for a leftover breakfast the next morning. It's a constant challenge staying on top of her quirky responses as we try to teach her value, appreciation and obedience. 

This morning, Lilia came up to me while working and says "Mom, when I'm four I will not break things. I'll just pour my cereal and eat my breakfast." Processing her very serious comment to me, I asked "Well, why don't we start practicing now?" Her response was simply, "Well, I'm just three."

Yes, sweet girl, you are too funny for your own good. But you always know where you stand with Lilia and she will love you to pieces....and some day she will truly value each of those special pieces. One day. When she's four.

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