Thursday, July 29, 2010


I'm sure that many of you in the blogging world already participate in efforts such as couponing and online shopping. Have you heard that you can get paid to shop though?!!

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Let me preface by saying that I love being a mom and would never change that fact no matter how much money you offered.

That being said, I said something naughty.  Quote: "I can't listen to the interns talk. They have too much fun while I go home, be a mom and go to bed abnormally early for a 26 year old only to start over again the next day." Bad Erin. Bad.

You see, we have these college interns who work with us through the summer and every night they are doing something fun, spilling their exciting details the next day. Monday mornings are the best as they visually paint pictures of their grand weekend adventures and escapades.  As I listen, a wave of green washes over me making it difficult to not make faces or snyde remarks due to the obvious jealousy.

Wow. Hello? Are we in middle school again? I don't understand my feelings, and am now frustrated at the comment that escaped my mouth. Feeling guilty, and overly full from "foot in mouth disease,"  I feel as though I need to explain myself.

I love my life; the babies, the cooking, the cleaning, the run of the mill schedules are all essential and enjoyable to everyday life. BUT there are days where I wish I could atleast remember the fun, carefree spirit I was before. Spur of the moment road trips, random weekend plans, ever changing budget plans so I could afford that cute shirt all sound energizing at times. Thus, I wish I wouldn't have taken that time for granted while it was here. I wouldn't choose to go back, it just sounds freeing at times.

With that being said, I have learned my lesson and choose to not take this time of life for granted either. Times may be challenging, exhausting or down right uneventful, but I still love the ride. And let's be honest, one day I will be looking back at this moment with a "remember when" attitude.

Don't judge me.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

It's not fair

Look at my beautiful girls. Though a perfect picture pose meant to stir the heart of any warm hearted being, it was not staged. My girls genuinely love each other, and I am captivated by them. Absolutely adore them.

Mia is 2 1/2 years old full of attitude and unexpected emotional turns.  She will have you in stitches over the littlest phrase and frustrate you over an extended punishment because of an exercised strong-willed attitude. She will sweet talk you with "please may I" and "thank you oh so much" while flashing her gorgeous blues. Mostly, you will adore the way she seeks after her little sister's attention because she loves her uncontrollably.

Lilia is quickly nearing 7 months old as the growth curve of knowledge is exponentially rapid. She is sitting up by herself, rolling all over the house as a convenient mode of transportation, and lighting up a room with her beautiful smile. She eats 3 solid food meals each day with formula snacks along the way and is finally sleeping through the night. Her eyes are constantly searching the room for her sister, watching Mia flit and float in every which direction. She giggles and belly laughs at Mia's silly sounds and antics, all while enjoying her days best when in her very own home. 

My girls are the best which is why I stand by my next comment. "It isn't fair." I dont understand why, even with a "nothing passes me by" mentality, I can feel like everything is flying warp speed. My girls are growing up before my eyes and though I am thankful for the past stages and excited for what is to come, I don't want  them to be gone one day as though it was just a dream. But we are busy day to day as we hurry out the door for another day apart only to cram in some sort of evening routine to bring us back together.  It is moving too fast.  My fear of realizing this so early on? It will most likely only continue to speed up and I don't have money, or the emotional strength, for Prom dresses just yet.

It's not fair.