Monday, June 29, 2009

Oh, the sweet moments

Each day is a breath of fresh air as we experience the little life of Mia. She has a personality that will knock your socks off as she grows and learns so many new things every day. In trying to capture all the moments I have but a few pictures to go a long with the many stories.

Mia loves all the different animals that vibrate. Grandmama has a "Elmo" that dances and vibrates which Mia loves to hold as it does the little dance. We own a tickle doll of sorts that vibrates like crazy along with some other toys that do the same thing. She just thinks they are the greatest thing. The other day, Aunt Emily found a vibrating animal in Target (Mia's favorite store according to Aunt Emily) and Mia had a great time with it! She loved it so much I can only imagine the fight put up when Aunt Emily put it away. :)

Mia is such a well behaved little girl. Casey and I feel truly blessed to have a child that loves to obey (unless she is obviously tired) and prides herself in "helping out." She is diligent at picking up her toys when she is told, loves to run little "errands" for mommy and daddy, and even mimics our cleaning habits and helps alongside. She is a good little helper and we love that. Mia's latest things when picking up her toys, is actually sitting in her toy basket and putting the toys in around her. She thinks this is SO funny!

Though Mia doesn't use her paci very much anymore (only when she is in her bed) I found this picture and thought it was hilarious. Whenever Mia finds more than one paci, she must switch between all of them. I'm pretty sure she has it timed just right so that each paci has equal time in the mouth, careful to not show favoritism. OR she just sucks on them both at one time!

We went shopping with Uncle Eric and Aunt Emily and found this fun little stroller to ride in. Mia was so excited about it and, like a big girl, had her hand on the steering wheel "driving" the whole time. I'm pretty sure she thought "I'm pretty hot stuff!"

I now I've written about this before, but Casey is the ONLY parent who can rock Mia to sleep at night. The other night, Casey had an evening out with some of his buddies, so I was left to tackle the bedtime routine. A normal, uneventful routine suddenly turned into a nightmare as Mia was very adamant that daddy be here and not mommy. From 6:30 to 9:00 PM we battled as Mia dramatically called to daddy through her face soaking sobs. When she finally tired herself out, she fell into a restless sleep. Needless to say, Daddy was charged to say hi to her and kiss her when he got home. What a dramatic adventure that was.

Last, but not least, this is an all to familiar picture of Mia in our car rides. She is so sweet when she sleeps in her car seat.

Friday, June 26, 2009

An Important Mission...

In planning and dreaming of precious baby #2, Casey and I have been scouring the baby books for the most perfect girl names. We have agreed on a little boy name, but can not agree on a little girl name. Thousands of names have crossed our path, but not one has made both of us excited. So, I challenge you for your most beautiful suggestions. Now, don't give away the names you have tucked away for your next little girl; I don't want to gain the title Name Thief, but I would like to add some other options into the mix.

Here are some guidelines:
1. Fairly creative (I don't like names used by everyone)
2. A middle name option wouldn't hurt too
3. The name meaning, if you have it

Thanks! I look forward to seeing all the creative suggestions

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I'm a barbie girl...

As a mother of a rapidly growing daughter, my eyes have become more aware of the poor image young girls have given themselves. Everywhere I look I see young, impressionable girls settling themselves into an image that hinders them soaring past mediocre. Young girls, dressed in clothing short of a prostitute label, strutting their stuff for all to observe, hanging on the arms of boys going nowhere fast. Since when did this become the ultimate dream? When do girls decide that this image exudes beauty and fame, unlike the modest, adorable clothing that line department store racks and truly show off a feminine frame?

The other day I was in Wal-Mart when a young girl walked in who immediately made my heart drop. Not only was her outfit unbecoming of her size, but it left nothing to the imagination. She strutted after a boy who seemed to have no interest in her other than the quick "dog like" calls and signals he flung her way. As I left the store with my gorgeous daughter, I prayed, "Oh Lord, please help us to teach our daughter what is truly holy and lovely in your eyes." As quickly as I finished the Wal-Mart Greeter shouted out "I hope you never let your daughter dress like that!" I grinned a "me too" smile, with a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach.

The loss of innocence. Something I am not looking forward to in parenting.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Mia Adventures

Thursday was a normal evening for us. Ate a delicious meal of homemade chicken noodle soup (no. Seriously. It was from "scratch") then we went about our individual chores before Mia's bedtime. I "eagerly" tackled the pile of dishes taking up residence in the sink, while Casey took Mia outside to water the carefully manicured lawn encouraging more grass growth and ultimate beauty.

I could hear Mia giggling outside as she ran through the sprinklers and spent quality time with Daddy. Eager to be amidst all the fun, I hurried to finish the dishes, cleaned up the counters and dining table, and then my way out the front door to sit on the steps and watch the fun.

As soon as I sat down, my precious little Mia came running up to give me one of her sweet kisses and heart-melting hugs. I just love when she does that! Then, practicing a skill she has mostly mastered, she climbed the stairs and went inside. I followed to get some water for my pretty flowers, and then called to her to come back outside as I went to feed my thirsty blooms. Almost immediately, we heard creeeek and then clunk, latch. Wide-eyed, Casey and I looked at each other with the same question on our minds..."Did you unlock the bottom lock?"

Oh dear! Mia had locked both Mommy and Daddy out of the house. As we frantically tried to remember what possible way we may be able to get in the house, fully aware that both sets of keys and phone were sitting on the kitchen counter, Mia waved at us from inside the window. So, as daddy went barefoot around back (through our backyard affectionately known as the Sahara dessert), mommy peered in through the front window to try and entertain Mia, thus keeping her from running all over in complete chaos. To my delight she was quite entertained with mommy peering through the window at her, waving and making silly faces. At one time, Mia looked at me, pointed at the door, and said "please." HA! I looked at her, without trying to laugh at how adorably innocent that request was, and said "Sweetheart! I can' locked mommy out." Obviously she didn't understand with the repeated questions to follow.

Within minutes, Casey found a window that was slightly open in which he could remove the screen and wiggle his way into the house. Mia was so excited to see her daddy, and I was just as relieved.

Note to self...ALWAYS unlock the bottom lock.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

pretty please

Well, I am in week 11, working full-time and running after an ever busy toddler. Though not nearly as strong as my first pregnancy, the morning sickness is starting to get the best of me. Really, the term "morning sickness" is not as accurate as "all day sickness." So, I continue to munch on anything healthy, that doesn't appear dry for fear of gagging, and trying to not allow my weight to skyrocket only to revisit "The Tank" body later on in my pregnancy. I'd rather keep the weight on a more manageable level this time around.

I am having difficulties feeling pretty no matter what I do. Now, I understand that the accumulation of morning sickness, bloated belly and all around exhaustion are the main contributors to the low self-esteem, BUT if any of you have some creative spirit lifting ideas to make a mommy feel special and pretty, I would love to hear them.

On a more exciting note, Mia is growing at a rapid rate. Every day there are new experiences and wonders to behold that make our little Angel say "oh wow" or "wo-oh." She is a bundle of laughter and joy. Some new words she is saying:

ah duh (all done)
bopa (papa/grandpa)
baud (bird)
dog dog (dog/bear/any fuzzy animal)
doobadoobadooba (the item she wants right then)
hhhh-aaaut (hot)
ha-CKKKK (hawk - except she clears her throat at the end)
Ima/mamamama (grandma/grandmama)
boop (poop)
boo (book)
dock (rock)
ump (up)
owsigh (outside)

She runs everywhere, has a knack for "organizing" everything, and loves to "read" her book as she sits in her little rocking chair. We are so enjoying the little life the Lord has blessed us with. She brings so much joy to anyone who is around her.

More fun stories to come from the Zoo, our new house projects and other highlights that will make you smile. AND I'll post pictures. :)

Monday, June 1, 2009


Round number two!