Wednesday, March 4, 2009

One year today

My precious Mia Bella ~

A year ago, today, my heart fluttered with excitement as I dreamed about seeing your lovely face. Daddy and I could hardly stand the anticipation!

You have been the cream filling in our lives for the last year! The picture of perfection between two complete halves. Our life could never be complete without waking every morning to your beautiful smile and sweet, innocent hugs. Your beautiful spirit reaches to smooth any wounded soul, and your spunk challenges even the best of them to watch their back!

You are a beautiful girl, and I love you so dearly. I pray that the Lord continues to draw you to Him. I pray that your beautiful spirit longs to mirror your Savior, and that you learn exactly who you were made to be. The world will never be the same since you have graced it with your presence. You have so much to do, little one; there are tasks that only you can handle. If you keep your innocence and follow His leading, nothing can stand in your way.

Happy Birthday, Baby! I'm excited for so many more.

Love you forever, Mommy